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About us

“Giving our all to produce the best: delicious strawberries the all year around” – Jan van Genderen / Royal Berry

Why our customers come to us:

  • We offer reliability: great quality and great volume.
  • We are a completely professional and sound organisation due to our many years of experience in growing strawberries.
  • We love our work, we love working as a team and being dependable partners to our customers as well as our suppliers.
  • We make firm price agreements and support our customers in the challenges they face.

In return, our customers say that we are extremely flexible and that they appreciate our solid planning. We excel in estimating our harvests, which makes our deliveries highly reliable. This also means that our customers receive more than ample notice if we are unable to supply the requested amount of strawberries. We are proactive, we invest in research and we deliver our strawberries ready packaged, which is unheard of elsewhere in our industry.

Royal Berry simply aims to supply the very best strawberries.

Our team of professionals, which can vary in size from 10 to 150 people, works all year round on growing high-quality strawberries. We love working as a team, sharing our passion and enjoyment in the work. By working together with a range of specialists we get the absolute maximum from our strawberry plants, producing very high quality strawberries. The Royal Berry is everything you expect a strawberry to be: sweet, juice and shiny.

Jan was just 17 (!) when he founded Royal Berry

Jan van Genderen

Royal Berry was founded by Jan van Genderen. He started as a strawberry grower at an early age. ‘My father grew strawberries in a 1000m2 greenhouse, alongside his job as a technician. He just wanted to earn some extra cash by selling his strawberries at auction. I spent more time in that greenhouse than at school. It always made me really happy to be working with the strawberries and to take them to auction.’ So Jan grew up amongst the strawberries and soon the ambition rose within him to start his own strawberry farm.

His father helped finance his fledgling business. ‘My father encouraged me to start really young. So I founded my first strawberry farm aged 17 in Poederoijen in Bommelerwaard. I grew strawberries there between 2002 and 2010 in a 1 hectare greenhouse and  learned the trade by trial and error.’

In 2010 Jan sold that farm and started up a new business in the Betuwe region. ‘After my time in Bommelerwaard, I realised that I wanted to work on a much larger scale. This would allow me to involve the appropriate experts in order to produce high quality strawberries. It is my mission to be the best grower in the Netherlands.’

Specialists + investments = excellent strawberries

The Bemmel area is a suitable sales location. ‘It is a great location, very convenient for customers to pick up their strawberries.’ By procuring the right expertise and investing heavily, Jan and his company Royal Berry now produce excellent strawberries. ‘I don’t run the strawberry farm on my own. I am surrounded by a team of professionals who advise and assist me all the way. This is an absolute must in the world of strawberry growing, because conditions change every single year, due to changing weather conditions.’

The core of the company consists of about 10 people. But in peak times, you will find around 150 people working at Royal Berry. ‘I like to run a tight ship, a company that is well-organised, where there’s a lot going on and we all work hard side by side to make the most of it.’’ Not a single season is the same, the weather conditions are always different. ‘There is no such thing as a blueprint for the right volume or quality of strawberries. Our challenge is to get the most out of the plants every single day.’ Everyone at Royal Berry brings passion and enjoyment to their work. That is an essential facet of the company. ‘It is important to me that everyone who works here is happy and content and enjoys their job. I keep in touch with everyone and we work very hard to make the most out of every single day. Our pickers work very hard and enjoy working for us.’

The scent of fresh strawberries never fails to please

Our protected table top production facility was started in 2016 and these strawberries too have now been successfully harvested. ‘My day is perfect if I can go and pick the odd strawberry, walking around and seeing cheerful faces.’ The scent of fresh strawberries never fails to please ‘For me, the fun of growing strawberries is producing a lovely product out of nearly nothing. That’s how I felt when I was working with the strawberries as a child, and I still feel exactly the same way. Our product, strawberries, always generates positive feelings in people. Strawberries make people happy and I just love that.’

Staff focus

Allan | Manager at Royal Berry


‘I started growing strawberries together with Jan in 2010, in Bemmel. I monitor the quality of the strawberries every single day. Evaluating and adjusting what the plants need is part of my daily job. Our aim is to achieve the optimum strawberry production. Jan gives me a great deal of freedom to organise things as I see fit. The working environment at Royal Berry is really open and pleasant. We have a great team. We do set the bar high for ourselves, but our results justify that and everyone enjoys working here. We are amongst the best in the Netherlands.’



Renata | Assistant manager at Royal Berry


‘I have been working as a Manager at Royal Berry since 1 April 2017. I work together with Allan and mainly focus on production management and appropriate management of employees. I make sure the production capacity matches production requirements and I train and support new employees. I am also responsible for ensuring production quality. I took up this challenge with gusto and I enjoy working in this enthusiastic team.’


Erik | General manager VG Berry

‘There is a very professional atmosphere at Royal Berry, it is a very supportive environment and there are experts involved all the way through the strawberry growing process. Jan and I have an excellent working relationship, I feel he trusts me. I have a lot of freedom to use my own initiative and I enjoy that. I often visit other farms where I always learn a lot. Every day, we try to do things a little bit better than the day before; that is our aim. We taste the strawberries all day long, the flavour tells us whether the plants are happy or not. The happier the plants, the sweeter the strawberries. We make adjustments to their care where necessary.’


Nannette | Sales and Business Analyst

In September 2020 I started working at Royal Berry, as part of my work I deal with order processing and analysis of company data.
I like working in a small team. I have a lot of freedom and my own initiative is certainly appreciated.
It is feels good to be part of a company that is in full growth.


Magda, staff coordinator