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About us

What distinguishes Royal Berry?

  • We offer reliability: great quality and great volume.
  • We are a completely professional and sound organisation due to our many years of experience in growing strawberries.
  • We love our work, we love working as a team and being dependable partners to our customers as well as our suppliers.
  • We make firm price agreements and support our customers in the challenges they face.



In return, our customers say that we are extremely flexible and that they appreciate our solid planning. We excel in estimating our harvests, which makes our deliveries highly reliable. This also means that our customers receive more than ample notice if we are unable to supply the requested amount of strawberries. We are proactive, we invest in research and we deliver our strawberries ready packaged, which is unheard of elsewhere in our industry.



🍓 8.000.000 kg strawberries per year

35,7 ha indoor greenhouses

18.8 ha outdoor greenhouses

More than 300 employees

8 several varieties of strawberries



Bedrijfsfilm/Corporate movie Royal Berry (2018, EN/DU subtitles)