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Our product

Royal Berry strawberries are grown in optimum conditions. In the sustainable greenhouse horticulture area of ​​Bergerden, between Arnhem and Nijmegen the strawberry plants are lovingly cared for every single day and as a result they produce high quality strawberries. So a Royal Berry is everything you expect of a strawberry: SWEET, JUICY, SHINY and DELICIOUS!

Royal Berry has a wide range and grows the tastiest varieties, such as Elsanta, Malling Centenary, Sonata, Sonsation, Lady Emma, Opera and Furore. We always allow the strawberries to reach full maturity. We won’t pick them a moment earlier. This is part of the reason why they are so delicious and beautifully shiny.


Higher than average sugar content


The effect of light and CO2 leads to sugar production in the strawberries. The sugar content of our strawberries is higher than average due to the perfect balance between light and CO2 levels in the greenhouses.

At Royal Berry we ensure the optimum climate for growing our sweet and juicy strawberries. We use strawberry plant varieties which crop several times per year. This provides the certainty of a continuous supply from March through to late December. We can supply our customers with strawberries nearly all year round.


Special plant food

Depending on the period and the weather conditions, the crop varies every year. Strong growth and flavour require constant attention and quality control. In addition to water, light and CO2, the strawberry plants at Royal Berry are given special plant food. Detailed plant analysis is used to fine tune exactly what is required. We do everything we possibly can to optimise growth.

Quality and research

At Royal Berry we are committed to research. Strawberry plants are annuals so they live just one year. We are continually looking for improvements to the strawberry plant. If our growers produce interesting new varieties, we will cultivate a number of plants of such a variety. We monitor how the strawberries grow, what they taste like and whether they might be an improvement for the future.

Depending on the season, we pick approximately 8 million kg of strawberries per year. Royal Berry is PlanetProof, Grasp and Global Cap certified, which is an absolute requirement in the world of strawberry growing. In addition, we are particularly proud of our BRC Certification.