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Buitenkas Royal Berry

In 2016 Royal Berry acquired a protected table top production facility. This facility of approximately 7 hectares houses strawberry plants which produce fruit from June to October. The ever-bearing variety Furore, but we test also new varities, produces a constant crop in the table top production facility. As in the greenhouse, we make every effort to ensure the strawberries are high quality.


Always a good crop thanks to beneficial insects

At Royal Berry, we do everything in our power to prevent the strawberry crop diminishing or failing. In the protected table top production facility, we use natural predators to minimise damage caused by insect pests. We use expert suppliers to introduce predatory mites and ichneumon flies. These insects search for pests such as thrips, red spider mite and aphids amongst the plants. These ‘beneficial’ insects simply eat the pests. As a result, we see fewer pests and hardly any damage to the strawberry crop.

Minimising weather damage


An upper layer of plastic foil protects the strawberry plants in the table top facility against any adverse weather conditions. This means the plants suffer very little damage due to poor weather. The protective layer also means that there is less need for chemical spraying.





High quality strawberries guaranteed at all times

The protected table top production facility lies next to the greenhouse, so after picking the strawberries quickly reach the cold store. This is the best guarantee for high quality strawberries. We pick strawberries daily. During peak production, we pick 40,000 kg per day, 220,000 kg per week. We produce approximately 3,2 million kg of strawberries annually. They are mainly sold to the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and within the Netherlands.