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What we do

At Royal Berry we are passionate about growing the most delicious strawberries in the Netherlands. Our team of professionals includes pickers, inspectors, team leaders and strawberry experts. We give our all to produce the best: delicious strawberries from late March to the end of December.

No season is the same! The conditions in the greenhouses vary every year due to varying weather conditions. We continually adjust the care of the plants and carry out research into improved varieties. Our challenge is to get the most out of the plants every single day.

Our planning schedule is tightly controlled to produce the best strawberries

Our site in Bemmel is conveniently located and easily accessible from the motorway network. We are known for our strict adherence to schedules. All the strawberries you order will be ready for your collection at the agreed time, accompanied by all correct documentation. We are highly skilled in assessing the volume of strawberries that will be ready for picking each day. This means that you are informed well ahead of time if there is any difficulty in supplying the requested volume of strawberries.

Why do our customers choose Royal Berry:

  • We are flexible
  • We are always on schedule
  • We are proactive and support our customers with their challenges
  • Our supply is highly reliable

Royal Berry is simply a completely reliable company

Unique in the Netherlands: supermarket-ready


Our strawberries are supplied supermarket-ready in any packaging you desire. If requested they can be supplied with a top seal film or a flow pack. This is a unique service within the Netherlands and it means that the strawberries are not subjected to unnecessary additional transport between grower and packer. Packing the strawberries into their plastic boxes takes place in a separate cooled spaced. It is done professionally and in accordance with the Global Gap and BRC standards. Packing is an important aspect of our company.

Careers at Royal Berry

All Royal Berry employees are happy in their work. Together we produce the most delicious strawberries. Working with passion and enjoyment is important to every single one of us. Everyone who works at Royal Berry enjoys what they are doing.

Fancy working for us? Send us a message explaining your motivation to