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At Royal Berry we try to create the best possible growing conditions for the strawberries in our greenhouses every single day. The strawberry plants are grown and produce strawberries in 35 hectares of tall, modern greenhouses. This is important to maximise the light necessary for optimal growth and the best flavour. In order to ensure high-quality light, we keep the greenhouse roofs extremely clean. Every ray of sunshine counts.

Cool indoor climate ensures favourable conditions for steady growthLMF_20160526_Royal_Berry_3129

In addition to sufficient light, a pleasant cool temperature is essential to produce high quality, flavoursome strawberries. Our greenhouses are fitted with sprinkler irrigation for a better climate. A cool climate means the strawberries grow more slowly and this improves the flavour.

High CO2 levels mean perfect sweetness

In addition to light and the correct temperature, CO2 levels in the greenhouses are important too. Strawberries do best in high CO2 concentrations. By adding CO2 to the greenhouse, we optimise the indoor climate for the plants. We aim to create the perfect combination of light and CO2, which results in a high sugar level in the strawberries. It is this high sugar content which produces the required level of sweetness in Royal Berry products. That is what we aim for every single day and that is what our strawberries are known for.

Continuous strawberry production

Our excellent quality control means continuous strawberry production by our plants. In the greenhouse we grow the variety Elsanta, Malling Centenary, Sonata and Sonsation. We pick approximately 8,0 million kilogrammes of strawberries each year. At peak production times this equates to 20,000 kg per day/140,000 kg per week outdoor and 50,000 kg per day/350,000 kg per week indoor. These strawberries are mainly used to supply Britain, Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia.