Royal berry logo Sweet and full of flavour,

Winter strawberries with innovative LED lighting.


Last October, Signify’s dimmable LED lighting was installed in collaboration with Stolze.
With an area of 6 ha, it is possible to grow a beautiful sweet strawberry in winter.

LED lighting is a new development in the Netherlands. The pink color of the LED lighting is
used by the plant during photosynthesis to produce the same amount of sugars with less energy.

The energy for the lamps is generated by our own CHP (combined heat and power) installation.
Given the worldwide attention to climate improvement, this is a good step in the right direction.

The use of screen cloths, prevents the pink LED light from affecting the environment too much.

The varieties Sonata and Sonsation were planted for this cultivation, as they are very suitable for lighted strawberry cultivation. At the beginning of December, the first LED-lit strawberries were harvested.


The first illuminated Sonata.
What a beautiful and tasty strawberry!

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