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Royal Berry was founded by Jan van Genderen. He started growing strawberries at a young age. ‘My father grew strawberries in a 1000m2 greenhouse, next to his job as a technician. He just wanted to earn some extra money by selling his strawberries at a local auction. I was spending more time in that greenhouse than I did at school. It really made me happy growing the strawberries and to sell them at the local auction.’ Jan grew up amongst the strawberries and soon had his own ambition to start his own strawberry farm.

His father helped him with finances to start his business. ‘My father encouraged me to start really young. That’s why I founded my first strawberry farm at the age of 17 in Poederoijen in Bommelerwaard. I grew strawberries there between 2002 and 2010 in a 1 hectare greenhouse and learned the trade by trial and error.’

In 2010 Jan sold the farm and started up a new business in the Betuwe region. ‘After Bommelerwaard, I realized that I wanted to work on a much bigger scale. Bigger, because that would allow me to get the best expertise to produce high quality strawberries. It’s my mission to be the best grower in the Netherlands.’ He established his company at the current main location in Bemmel.


In 2013, Royal Berry acquired a former greenhouse horticulture company. A tomato grower in Huissen of 5 ha. A few blocks away from the head office, which was given independent status under the name VG Berry. This gave the company a total size of ​​11 ha.


Our outdoor facility started in 2016. Royal Berry’s main office expanded with 7 hectares of outdoor greenhouses with strawberries on racks.


The VG Berry location expanded 60.000 m2. Jan acquires an extra 10 hectares of land, comparable to 20 football fields, on the former greenhouse horticulture area of ​​Bergerden. The total strawberry acreage on the Clivia in Huissen increased to 40 hectares.


In 2018, we expanded VG Berry with 10 ha of foil greenhouses.


In 2019, another area of ​​60.000 m2 was realized.


In 2020, the outdoor field of VG Berry has been expanded by 10 ha. The foil greenhouses to 14 ha.


In April 2023, the third location 4 seasons Berry was opened, the new greenhouse complex on the Geranium in Bemmel, with a greenhouse area of ​​12 ha.

2023 – heden

Residential park development plan for 350 employees.